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--O-Stable panel system is a precast concrete technology which has so many advantages in wh-
ich the system can be modified to fit any design whatever the engineering details are.
In addition to that it saves the cost up to 10% in some cases from the traditional method and it helps to speed up the execution for the luxurious houses which have complicated architectural details and without engineering defects that can occur in the traditional method.

O-Stable is a modified technology which was launched in 1999 by Eng - Khoo Tian in which he invested more than 2 million dollars for research work to come up with this technology for 10 years. He said that using this system helps to execute houses similar to house installation.

The system depends up on fiberglass moulds to cast the concrete panels according to the stan-
dards that was made by the designer or the client , these moulds can be modified to cast any re-
quired size or design.

The vertical and horizontal joints form a structure with a high quality and great tolerance and so quality is controlled by the system not by the engineer. It has to mention that O-Stable has exe-
cuted successfully more than 1000 units with different sizes and designs in Malaysia and it got the excellence award from the CIDB in Malaysia and the patent ship in America, China, Australia, News eland, Egypt, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Brazil and Vietnam. This system has some unique standards and facilities that will enable it to play a role in the construction movement in the future.
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