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  -Ma'ar construction is one of the companies in Ma'ar group. Ma'ar group was established in 1992 in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it holds the trading department, the manufacturing department, the contracting department and the investment department you can also log on to www.maargroup.com for more information.

  Recently Ma'ar construction made a corporation with (O-Stable panel system) a Malaysian company which has a unique precast system in construction you can log on to www.ostap.com.my for more information.

   Ma'ar construction is aiming to settle this system in Saudi Arabia and the neighbour countries in which it is the concessionaire for this system. The Persian Gulf has the need for residential projects in the coming era that requires a system which is able to guarantee the quality and saves time as well.

  This is what Ma'ar has been pursuing in which it calibrated with O-Stable panel system to implement this system in Saudi Arabia after the success of this system in East Asian Countries and other countries. So Ma'ar construction has assigned human competencies who got their training in Malaysia on the method of using O-Stable panel system so that it succeeds to fulfil its high quality and the time of completion.

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O-Stable panel system is a precast concrete technology which has so many advantages ..................

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has established a construction company as a result of the partnership with O-Stable panel system........

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