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Ma'ar group has established a construction company as a result of the partnership with O-Stable panel system

Ma'ar group has established a construction company as a result of the partnership with O-Stable panel system. The main concern of this company is to construct precast housing projects, it is looking forward to settle this Malaysian technology in Saudi Arabia in which the company has exposed this technology to the public and private sectors as well. Eng. Majed Al Rasheed the general manager of ma'ar group said that O-Stable panel system cannot give all the solutions to overcome all the obstacles but it gives the complete solutions for some problems and especially in housing projects, small and middle class facilities because of it's superiority in quality, appearance, speed and cost. Eng. AL Rasheed has clarified that this new technology compared to the traditional method saves about 70% of the implementation period and saves about 60% of the manpower with a higher quality and competitive prices. He added that (for instance you can construct many houses the area of each house is 400m2 in three months. Even the Malaysian officials witnesses that this system has accomplished many schools in less than three months. Eng. Al Rasheed added also that the goal of Ma'ar group initially is to focus on small and medium class houses and to have an accepted offer for the public and the private sectors with respect that this new precast system provides the quality, appearance, speed and less manpower than the traditional method and it decreases gradually the cost up to 10%. He ensured that the group has supplied a land to construct the precast factory in Riyadh. He also showed that the company is aiming to fulfil the public and private sectors needs by establishing houses and trade centres and after that expanding to fulfil the individuals needs. He added also our goal is to construct these houses all over the kingdom but the beginning is in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Dammam. On the other hand Eng. Khoo Tian the system founder said that after 40 years of experience in the construction industry he launched the system in 1994 and since then it has gone through researches and developments during the past 16 years with a budget that exceeds 3 million dollars. He also added that in 2008 we got the excellence award from the CIDB. He stated that his vision is to provide this technology to the global market and specially in Saudi Arabia through Ma'ar group in which many countries can benefit from this technology.

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